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Choose Your Graffiti Painting Spot

Before you even start with spray paint on streets, practice a couple time with a marker and paper, eraser, and pencil, then maybe move on to a larger piece of cardboard to increase your working surface and change the actual size of your writing.

After you have got the swing of making forming letters and some tags in the style you like, with markers and other simple drawing tools, it’s time to finally hold the spray can with your fingers.

It’s also not a bad idea to be familiar with the relevant graffiti terminology used in Eddie Colla Art and spray painting language, since you’re about to start tossing those words around yourself, so you may as well make sure you know what you’re talking about.

First stuff, pick the venue for your street art debut wisely! Think before, don’t just randomly start doing spray painting on a free space or every wall you see, mark the area you want to paint, make sure you don’t write Graffiti about anyone else’s job, that’s a huge no-no.

Don’t go straight to the most visible, recognizable spot to show off your first street art, chances are it won’t be your best job, you’ll get better with time, so save those exquisite places for later. However, bear in mind the amount of danger and risk you are putting yourself in, the thrill of illegality is thrilling, but make sure a fast escape route is available if necessary!

In cities and larger towns, you may also find a wall or a particular place where Graffiti is legal and welcome. These areas are usually painted or decorated by more professional artists, but they still provide an exciting and learning experience for any spray painter. Since it’s not against the law, authors can spend hours, even days working on a single piece there, without the fear of getting arrested and the temptation to run when the police turn up, which results in some very impressive artwork, certainly worth checking out.

There’s even a whole website devoted to finding these Eddie Colla Art, so take a look at them, maybe there’s one right in your town.

Control the paint spray

You need to pay some focus to street art technical side and this will prove to be time-saving and very useful. Cap mounting can be quite a messy operation if you don’t do it correctly, because merely pressing it down would actually open the valve, releasing the pressed material all over. So, how do you do this relatively simple job without creating chaos?

A quick step normally does the trick – you need to screw or twist the cap on the can head, so with a gentle twirl, when applying some pressure, you can place the cap on the spray can. The same goes for the method of removing the cap, also try to cover with your fingers the cap point when doing this, in order to prevent any unintended dispersion of the dye.