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Street Art is on everyone’s lips. It has gone from being a simple graffiti to becoming an increasingly prized street art expression. On many occasions, this urban art is found on party walls, exterior facades of a building that border on another. Usually, these facades do not have openings, and we often forget that they exist, which leads them to a state of neglect and makes them unsightly. Therefore, these murals revalue the buildings and give them quality.

In this list, you will find an assorted selection of the best cities in the world to see urban art.

Berlin, Germany

The East Side Gallery in Berlin collects protest pieces from communist Germany. More than 100 murals have been preserved from a part of almost a kilometer on the Berlin Wall’s east side. The rest of the city has more modern urban art, which is continually evolving.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has had a rich tradition of street art for decades, which has spread to art museums. The MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art hosted America’s first significant graffiti and street art exhibition in 2011. Some of the most famous names in street art have lived for some time in their lives in this city. The best known is Banksy.

London, England

London is the epicenter of street art. The streets of Camden, Brixton, and Shoreditch, especially Brick Lane, attract local and international artists and art lovers. The best-known artist that we can find in the city is Banksy, whose identity is unknown. His works in London have made him famous worldwide, and most of his works are satirical, dealing with political, moral, ethnic, and pop culture issues.

Paris, France

Paris has several local artists who create works of reflection on its streets. Street art lovers can’t leave the city without visiting the Belleville neighborhood and the 13th arrondissement, which has some of the most impressive murals in the city.

A short trip to Vitry-sur-Seine, on the outskirts of Paris, provides the opportunity to see not only an open-air gallery of portraits engraved by Christian Guémy, known as C215 but also the work of his colleagues, who were invited to participate.

New York, USA

Graffiti began to appear in New York in the late 1960s; a movement was born. Despite the ups and downs of the street art scene, most notably with the demolition of 5 Pointz, a Queens warehouse that was the city’s best-known graffiti mecca, there’s still plenty to see across the five boroughs. Some of the best places are Bushwick in Brooklyn, Hunts Point in the Bronx, and Chelsea in Manhattan.

Final Words

In the thread of that publication, we have realized how colorful and attractive street art is and the color it gives to cities. For this reason, this time, we have united the places with the best street art in the world in a compilation of the cities with the most striking street art on the planet.