Several street arts have been painted around prominent walls in the busy urban world of Central Square. Several utility boxes were decorated with street arts by teachers, artists and community members.

With this burst of colour comes a sense of belonging, solidarity, and positivity that flows through the city. Adding Eddie Colla Art improves urban environments by creating a safer culture, building partnerships between residents and businesses, and increasing economic revenues.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the insane amount of styles or ways to do it, or even by the various graffiti spray paint brands available, Graffiti is made for everyone and should be created by everyone who has a passion for this iconic way of making street art.

Who says that street art is for young men only?

Street Art knows no gender, no age at all! If you feel like you’re doing some street art painting, and want to make some of your own tags on the local walls, or just embellish the urban landscape around you, go ahead, grab a spray can, follow these instructions, and soon – you’re going to be the next popular graffiti artist we’re talking about!

Graffiti advantages

Graffiti is seen by many as a social disorder that contributes negatively to the city and culture. Graffiti is seen as close to waste and garbage; as an alarming symbol of community unrest and poverty. While there is definitely a case against Graffiti, and in most cases, it is illegal to display Graffiti on public property; there are also many positive factors associated with Graffiti.

This article would highlight some of the benefits of Eddie Colla Art in a city and what those benefits mean to the people of a city.

Graffiti as a way of self-expression

While many people do not see it as such, Graffiti can be a way for many people, particularly urban minors, to express themselves. This mode of speech helps them to feel part of society by investing the name of the tag in public property. By leaving their tag name, they show their territories and make a claim and sow their roots in a way that will allow them to feel insider and no outsider to the group.

Graffiti as a type of artwork

Although simple types of Graffiti are often considered to be a symbol of urban decay, in some cases graffiti can be turned into great works of art by talented graffiti artists. In this sense, Graffiti can serve to provide something for people who are aesthetically appealing to see and can help encourage community members to participate in the culture. While everybody has its own vision of beauty, Graffiti can help to add life to a city that might seem barren and sterile to those who live there and can help build unique and fascinating communities.

Graffiti is therefore not necessarily ill for a city, but something that can be nurtured and contribute to a new type of beauty in a city.